With specific organizational techniques and clean design, rooms become inspirational and relaxing.
We have nothing to sell you and the process is fast and exciting.
The client’s lifestyle is the key component in our design, allowing us to crete true harmonious living.
Everything that a person owns should have a purpose and place to be stored. We can help you maintain this ideal way of life for years to come!
Whether  you want to be involved in the process or not, the results will be unsurpassed!
I have a list of trusted contractors available to help with any project.
I can sell almost anything that you don’t need or want.
We are helping many area realtors in the area and references are available.

About Me

  • 20 + years of staging experience.
  • Create designs that are both beautiful and functional.
  • Listen to my clients and implement a plan to meat their needs.
  • Very creative using what you already have.

Whether you’ve got a big idea or just need some inspiration, we are here to create your harmonious space.

Recreating Spaces | Jill Henning | Cell 262.349.3964| Email: recreatingspaces3@gmail.com